Manno 1012 B
Space, visibility.   

Imvedo rents in Manno prime commercial spaces ideal as showrooms with a window overlooking the main road. The easily accessible location, added to its strategic position and excellent visibility, make Manno 1012 B a very desirable and eye-catching property.
Manno 1012 B offers an essential space concept and quality construction dating back to the ‘90s. It features a simple structure allowing any type of working arrangement, suitable to showcase any kind of product. The high-transit surroundings and the dynamic businesses settled in this area are key-factors to achieve success in a sale business.     

We rent spaces providing technical advice and support in any situation to make sure tenants find the most suitable solution meeting their requirements.   

Manno 1012 B is easily reached from the motorway exit Lugano Nord and the main public transports are a few minutes away.
We remain at your complete disposal for any query you might have. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using our contact form or our e-mail address
Via Cantonale 2 
CH-6928 Manno / TI     

Year of construction

Planning status 


Genral contractor

Jakem AG 
Industrie Breitenloh 2 
CH-4333 Münchwilen / AG
Imvedo SA — Via Industria 8
6814 Lamone — Svizzera
T +41 91 604 20 29