Bioggio 747/748
Polivalency to service commerce and industry.      

Imvedo rents in Bioggio industrial and commercial spaces in period business building, featuring big exhibition layouts adaptable to personal needs.

One of the first historic properties comprises a building of 2'800 sqm on one floor, ideal for businesses requiring big open spaces to exhibit or showcase many products. This a  highly functional building with a state-of-the-art maintenance, for an efficient and productive use. Bioggio is not only interesting from a commercial point of view, but also from a tax perspective, because it offers one of the lowest multipliers in the whole of Canton of Ticino, laying the perfect condition for a productive settlement.     

We rent spaces providing technical advice and support in any situation to make sure tenants find the most suitable solution meeting their requirements.   

Bioggio 747/748 is easily reached from the motorway exit Lugano North (Lugano Nord). Public transports and main facilities are just a few minutes away.

We remain at your complete disposal for any query you might have. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using our contact form or our e-mail address

Via Industria 21 
CH-6934 Bioggio / TI     

Year of construction 

Planning status 

General contractor 
Giovanni Quadri SA
Via Chioso 9 
CH-6814 Cadempino / TI

Imvedo SA — Via Industria 8
6814 Lamone — Svizzera
T +41 91 604 20 29